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Search Engine Optimization

If you have a decent website running for sometime, however you are not getting many visitors to your website. You started to think that your website doesn’t work, but you have no idea how can it be improved.

You know that most of the people use Google to search for anything. You are unable to find your website with Google, make you feel bad is that your competitors are showing up in the search engine result front page.

If you are in one of the situation above, we can help you!



search engine optimization
Google Search Result

You have came to the right place. All you need is perform Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your website. We are the experts to help you to optimise your website and increase your website organic traffic. If your website is showing in the front page of Google when they perform the search in Google, people will be able to find you .

Why it is so important to rank in Google?

Beside Google, there are a few popular search engine in the market, such as Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu. Google global total market share is 67.8%, follow by Bing 13.3%, therefore it is important your website to be seen in Google. On the other hand, we have to rank our website in page one. Statistic shown on the first page alone, the first 5 results account for 67.60% of all the clicks and the results from 6 to 10 account for only 3.73%. SEO is a very powerful online strategy used to maximise the visibility of your web pages in search engines with the aim of driving targeted online visitors to your website.

What is the benefits of SEO?

A properly executed SEO strategy will result in more targeted visitors to your website to look for products and services that you offers.  And in the long run, SEO will provide you with the lowest cost of traffic acquisition, compared with other forms of online advertising. Since our SEO strategies will help your website rank highly in the organic results of the Search Engine Results Pages (or SERPs) coupled with the fact that search engines do not and cannot charge websites that rank in the organic results.

With more than half of the world’s population having access to the internet, and over 90% of online visitors using search engines to locate their desired information, product or service, achieving targeted exposure to search engine visitors now forms an essential part of most company’s marketing and branding strategy.


Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Keyword research. We’ll perform search phrases research based on your industry, find out what are the search phrases your potential customers searching for. We research their popularity and competition to be used on your site.
  • Website optimization. Now we study your website to see if you’re having those keywords in the right places. If not, we add those keywords that have an effect on your site listing in natural search results.
  • Content creation. Do you create fresh contents regularly? Do you have all your services listed out in detail anywhere on your site? We can help you with both.
  • Competitors analysis. We’ll study your competitor sites to research their strength and weaknesses. To know one’s own strength and the competitor’s is the sure way to victory.
  • Link building. Search engines use links to crawl the web, they will crawl the links between the individual pages on your website, and they will crawl the links between entire websites.
  • Conversion optimization. With clear objective and easier navigation, we help you increase the chances for visitors to stay longer in your website and eventually become your customers.


Not sure will it work for you? Read our case study : Nursing College Advisor.


Malaysia is ambitious to be an education hub in the region. Recent years many nursing colleges have been setup. It has become an issue for students that wish to join an reputable college. Online information from each college has been overwhelming. All of them are promoting the goodness of their own college. Nursing College Advisor is set up to provide an unbiased comparison for students to make the right decision.

However, the company’s website has to compete with all the colleges or universities website out there. As we know, all of them are having .edu extension in their domain. In Google’s term, these sites are consider as authority, therefore the challenge to out rank them is an uphill task.

All of these have been in the history, after we work closely with Nursing College Advisor’s owner to optimize their website. Till today Nursing College Advisor has been receiving regular leads online daily.

lorry permit seo case study


How much does this cost?

Our fee ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 per month, depending on services you require. If that is not for you, we can provide our professional advise on your website, our hourly rate for consultation is $150.


Will this work for me?

We won’t work with everyone come to us because we choose our customers. If we don’t think we can get you results in your industry, we won’t accept you as our client. We cannot guarantee that we’ll get your website to No.1 spot in Google, however we promise you’ll be very happy with our work and the traffic increase to your website.


How soon will I see results?

It takes time to reflect the result from search engine optimisation. We have to be honest because Google algorithm takes into many aspects and factors to decide the organic ranking of each site and it doesn’t reflect changes instantly. Indeed, it’s very slow. Initial phase, we lay the groundwork and analyse your website and you’ll probably start seeing the result in the third month and forth. By the fifth and sixth month, you’ll definitely see results.


Do you guarantee results?

No, we can’t guarantee results. Nobody can foresee when Google changes its search engine ranking algorithm, but we know Google hate black hat methodology. We only employ white hat methodology and we always keep ourselves up to date to Google announcements. Generally you will appreciate the traffic increase we get for you. We’re extremely motivated to get you more quality leads for your business.

Do I have to pay a start-up fee?

Nope! No start up fee. We get to work once you pay the contract fee.


How long is the commitment?

Minimum commitment is 6 months. We will need you to working with us for six months, because it need time to reflect result in search engines, depending on the niche competitions and your website state. You can cancel our service after 6-month contract end.


How do I know if it’s working?

We’ll send you a monthly report with keyword ranking data and traffic report from Google Analytics. Our report will show you how much traffic your website received monthly compare to previous data, how are your keywords ranking, how many new leads you got through your website, and so on. We’ll also provide you the next month strategy and steps.


Do you have references?

Yes! You’re more than welcome to contact any of our existing clients. Just ask any of our client. We’re very proud of our work.


How soon can you start?

We can start immediately once you sign the contract and pay the contract fee, we’ll kick start and get into action.

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