SEO Services Malaysia

SEO Services Malaysia

Welcome to GEZMEDIA SEO Services, Malaysia. We provides corporate website SEO optimization service.

We have been focusing on SEO optimization in colleges and corporate company for 6 years. Please contact myself for viewing my optimization portfolios.

When you see this page, I believe you have a SEO service requirement.

If your website is currently in high bidding and the conversion is not ideal, the website keywords are poorly ranked.

1. If you can only watch the rankings of my competitors on the front page, but you can’t do anything about it. Please contact us for our SEO Services. 

☛ Website basic diagnosis, keyword analysis, website structure layout
☛ Page optimization analysis, website content analysis, website internal links diagnosis
☛ Website external chain detection, page quality, friendship quality, etc.
☛ Business keyword fast ranking, brand keywords fast ranking
☛ Business keywords stable natural ranking, brand keywords stable natural ranking

2. If you have the following problems with your website, please contact us:
☛ The website keywords are not ranked or ranked very bad. For a long time, the rankings did not improve slightly, and the injuries could not be afforded!
☛ Outsourcing website keyword ranking, the price is too high, the risk is too big, the ranking is unstable, can not afford to pay!
☛ The website severely down ranking, the homepage is not updated, the web page is seriously slow!

3. GEZMEDIA SEO Services package:

According to different sites, different keywords compete for the environment, the price is different. If you need to know how much budget your website needs to optimize, please contact us!

Pick a Keyword to Start SEO Kuala Lumpur Market

Pick a Keyword to Start SEO Kuala Lumpur Market

In the previous posting, I have shared about basic SEO. If you think that it is not too difficult to understand, I think we can start to actually optimize your own website.

But before that, we definitely have to choose a keyword. Since we are in the learning phase, we are also able to see the effect in a short period of time. We recommend choosing a keyword that is competitive and unique .

For a small business website without SEO, or a new company. The company’s full name or brand name is a better choice. If you are a well-known website and your brand is already searchable, you can also choose a slogan, or any other keyword that has something to do with your website content, but is less popular. If you are not sure whether it is popular, you can create a new word yourself. In short, it is the learning process. The keyword is not easy to find.

The keywords are ready, for example, the “air-cond service in KL”. I believe you are already eager to try.

What factors can affect the performance of keywords in search engines?

There are so many factors that influence rankings, and we pick the most important points:

  1.  Modification of TITLE (title). Please include the target keyword in the TITLE title of the homepage of the website.

TIPS: The text displayed in the title bar of the browser and the title in the search results are defined by TITLE . TITLE can generally be customized in the background of the website CMS ( Content Management System ) . If you don’t quite understand how to do it, you can contact the IT or website development service provider.

  1.  Premium content and keyword coverage.

We need to have several target keywords in a complete and natural way in the text of the homepage . Also remember to keep the content of the page original, pay attention to the content of the page and the content of other pages on the Internet is not repeated.

  1.  Linked links with anchor text.

The keywords are deployed well, which is the basis for success. But just deploying keywords is not enough. We must find a way to get some external links. We recommend exchanging friendship links with friends’ websites , and note that the anchor text of the link must use keywords. If the keyword is relatively unpopular, 3-5 Baidu weight 2-3 links, you can make your site appear in the top position of the search engine.

If it is difficult to exchange friendship links. Other alternatives, such as submitting a URL to a URL navigation / yellow page site, attaching a URL to an industry forum post, joining a link to a blog, joining a link to a company or other group’s website, can be tried.

TIPS: External links: Links from other websites to links on my website. For example: URL link

Anchor text links: External links no longer use urls directly , but instead use link text with keywords. For example: anchor text link Search Engine Optimization

Note that the four bold parts of the above article are the four steps that you need to optimize your website for this course . After completing these 4 operations, the most basic and simple operation in SEO has been completed . Review:

Step1: Choose a keyword that is competitive and unique

Step2: Add target keywords to the homepage TITLE title

Step3: In the text content of the homepage, there are several complete and natural target keywords.

Step4: Request friendship links with friends’ websites

In the next lesson, we will talk about a more realistic question: When we want to have a lot of keywords with better ranking performance, how should I arrange these keywords on my website? What should be the correct and healthy SEO keyword deployment?

Any questions are welcome to discuss with us via email @ [email protected] , or call 012-3313515

Is My Website Suitable for SEO? Ask us now

Is My Website Suitable for SEO? Ask us now

Whether you plan to do SEO yourself or plan to find a SEO specialist, the first question we need to ask is “Is my website suitable for SEO ? “

In fact, there are some basic symptoms that can be judged by yourselves.

  1.  Can my website content be seen by search engines?

It’s not just visible to the human eye, the search engine can see it. At present, the crawling of search engines is mainly based on text content. If the websites are all FLASH or pictures, then no matter how hard you try, you will not have a good performance in SEO . Because the search engine can’t recognize the FLASH or the text on the picture, it can’t judge the specific relevance of our website and the keywords. Therefore, when searching for keywords, the chances of the website appearing in the search results are lower.

In most of the photographer websites, we can see that only a few words are actually displayed as images on the FLASH . Except for some text content that can be placed in a small part of the source code, the search engine can hardly be viewed from this page. Discover what text content.

  1.  Is there a certain degree of originality in the content of my website?

After reading the first article, many of my friends are very happy. Our website has a large amount of text content that can be crawled and analyzed by search engines.

Then, our second question came again. Where did the content posted on the website come from? If the entire site, except for the basic company introduction, almost everything is reprinted on other sites. This kind of website with very low originality is also unable to carry out further SEO work.

Imagine that if you search for a keyword on a search engine, all the results in the search results are the same content. Is this the result you want? Obviously not.

So the search engine will only display the initial results, or the results on the most authoritative website, and all other reprinted content will be automatically blocked.

Worst of all, if most of the content on the site is reprinted, it is likely that the search engine will determine that it is a worthless site, and the entire site will be downgraded. As a result, the site cannot be searched by any keyword.

Therefore, please always provide original or valuable content for your website. Even if you don’t have the energy to make originals, you should improve the originality of the content by adapting or adding some opinions.

  1.  Is my URL setting reasonable?

3.1 URL has a jump

When we enter the website URL in the address bar of the Google browser Does the browser redirect to a new URL?

Example 1 : When we enter , it is displayed as:

Example 2 : When we enter , the address bar is displayed as

Obviously, the example 1 is simple and straightforward, and it is easy to identify for both ordinary users and search engines. This is very advantageous for the optimization of the internal or external chain. Moreover, the home page that directly uses the domain name usually has a higher weight in the search engine than an internal page.

So what if I have a website with multiple language versions? Usually we recommend, by default a language version, this main language uses top-level domain, other language versions, use folders. Or access the different language versions of the website through .com and .cn .

3.2 Is the URL static?

Regarding the static and dynamic issues, many people in the industry also said that it is not clear. In fact, “dynamic” refers to the ability to dynamically call the contents of the database. Of course, we don’t need to know so much professionally.

In general, we can understand that the URL ending in .htm or .html is static. The URL contains the symbols ” ? ” , “=” , “&” , which is the dynamic URL.

Too long dynamic URLs can sometimes have a certain impact on search engine crawling. Moreover, some unnecessary errors will occur, and some errors will cause the search engine to grab a large number of blank pages that do not exist, resulting in a reduction in the weight of the entire station. So try to ask the website development company, or the company’s programmers to staticize the URL, which is not a complicated job.

The above three points, the website carries out the basic requirements of SEO , but it does not mean that if these 3 points are done, there will be good search engine performance. In the next issue, we will combine some web tools to do some data analysis. Have a basic understanding of our website SEO data.

Easy Point Network This series of articles is to hope that you will eventually be able to perform some search optimization on the website. Of course, you may still need some assistance from other technical departments.

SEO is mainly to optimize the website. Inevitably, it involves some technical terms of the website. If this article has made you feel that the technology is very deep, then the next issue, we suggest that you share this article with the technically responsible colleagues.

If you have different opinions, you are welcome to discuss with us via email : [email protected]

In the next issue, I will talk to you about how to use the tool to get further data, you will know:

What is Google weight? Is Google weight important to Google?

What is Google included? How to check the inclusion? Home is not in the first place, what is going on? Is the inclusion of the Site accurate?


Understanding Google SEO Malaysia

Understanding Google SEO Malaysia

The better SEO is done for a website, the more traffic from the Google search engine, is that true?

Today I read a SEO article: “SEO is a natural and balanced art” quite a feeling. The previous understanding of SEO was superficial. Most people learning SEO only thought about how to optimize the website better, but never thought about an overall website design. We should conduct overall considerations and plans from the perspective of best website design practises.

Why SEO is a natural art, because the optimization of the website should look natural. It must conforms to the laws of nature. Neither the Google search engine nor the user should feel that you have optimized the website. We’re saying that Search Engine Optimization is a balanced art means that you can’t use seo means to the extreme, different promotion channels, different SEO techniques to achieve a balance, of course, this is the most ideal situation, it is difficult to do both.

The previous understanding of SEO stayed on how to optimize the internal and external adjustment of the website. Today, I understand that seo specialist should avoid over-optimization, but there is no clear standard for over-optimization. So it is not easy to do SEO, and you needs to be profound to SEO methodology and keep ourselves always up to date Google algorithm changes. 

SEO needs patience, it must be done gradually, perseverely, so that the website articles and external links maintain a constant and natural growth, do not engage in three days of fishing for two days to engage in assaults, otherwise it is breaking the natural and balanced website .

So what kind of optimization is a balanced optimization, so that the website’s many keyword rankings are a good balance optimization instead of only a few of the most concerned keywords, but others. Related keywords and other web pages are very backward, that mean that, there should be no all-star webpage, ranking first in the hottest keywords in the search industry, and other related keywords are looking for not your website.

The distribution of website weights throughout the website is also naturally allocated, so that the weight of all web pages are improved. This balanced distribution is beneficial to both the inclusion and the ranking ability. If some pages are what you want to focus on, don’t make these important pages and other pages too different.

As a newcomer to the SEO industry, SEO has a lot of “secrets” waiting for our discovery, and contact us if you want to know more how SEO can help your business in your industry.