In the previous posting, I have shared about basic SEO. If you think that it is not too difficult to understand, I think we can start to actually optimize your own website.

But before that, we definitely have to choose a keyword. Since we are in the learning phase, we are also able to see the effect in a short period of time. We recommend choosing a keyword that is competitive and unique .

For a small business website without SEO, or a new company. The company’s full name or brand name is a better choice. If you are a well-known website and your brand is already searchable, you can also choose a slogan, or any other keyword that has something to do with your website content, but is less popular. If you are not sure whether it is popular, you can create a new word yourself. In short, it is the learning process. The keyword is not easy to find.

The keywords are ready, for example, the “air-cond service in KL”. I believe you are already eager to try.

What factors can affect the performance of keywords in search engines?

There are so many factors that influence rankings, and we pick the most important points:

  1.  Modification of TITLE (title). Please include the target keyword in the TITLE title of the homepage of the website.

TIPS: The text displayed in the title bar of the browser and the title in the search results are defined by TITLE . TITLE can generally be customized in the background of the website CMS ( Content Management System ) . If you don’t quite understand how to do it, you can contact the IT or website development service provider.

  1.  Premium content and keyword coverage.

We need to have several target keywords in a complete and natural way in the text of the homepage . Also remember to keep the content of the page original, pay attention to the content of the page and the content of other pages on the Internet is not repeated.

  1.  Linked links with anchor text.

The keywords are deployed well, which is the basis for success. But just deploying keywords is not enough. We must find a way to get some external links. We recommend exchanging friendship links with friends’ websites , and note that the anchor text of the link must use keywords. If the keyword is relatively unpopular, 3-5 Baidu weight 2-3 links, you can make your site appear in the top position of the search engine.

If it is difficult to exchange friendship links. Other alternatives, such as submitting a URL to a URL navigation / yellow page site, attaching a URL to an industry forum post, joining a link to a blog, joining a link to a company or other group’s website, can be tried.

TIPS: External links: Links from other websites to links on my website. For example: URL link

Anchor text links: External links no longer use urls directly , but instead use link text with keywords. 

Note that the four bold parts of the above article are the four steps that you need to optimize your website for this course . After completing these 4 operations, the most basic and simple operation in SEO has been completed . Review:

Step1: Choose a keyword that is competitive and unique

Step2: Add target keywords to the homepage TITLE title

Step3: In the text content of the homepage, there are several complete and natural target keywords.

Step4: Request friendship links with friends’ websites

In the next lesson, we will talk about a more realistic question: When we want to have a lot of keywords with better ranking performance, how should I arrange these keywords on my website? What should be the correct and healthy SEO keyword deployment?

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